Since 2010, IT4 Solution was born with great ambition to revolutionize Brazilian retail. We spent the last decade listening, learning and innovating our solutions to solve complex and challenging problems.

We are passionate about what we do and our goal is to provide the necessary support to our customers to achieve better results and enable more efficient operations.

With the exceptional team that we have, we have built a definitive solution for Unified Commerce, where we aim to unite all the company’s channels, in order to solve the problems faced by the ruptures between the channels and the different languages between them.

With our cloud solution, we are more reliable, scalable and allow an experience unmatched by other solutions.

The IT4 360 is one OMS

OMS is the acronym for “Order Management System”, a system designed to give the company a complete view of each order and maintain the integrity of order entry and exit processes, inventory management, customer service and after-sales service.

Born in the cloud and unique in Brazil, the IT4 360 was designed for an omnichannel retailer, offering always-up-to-date features aimed at efficiency for your business.

IT4 360 is an innovative solution designed to offer a Unified Commerce experience to retailers looking for a true omnichannel experience.

Eliminating the use of hubs, connectors and complementary solutions, we present a unique and efficient solution for managing sales channels with simplicity from separation to billing, from sale to clear inventory, from purchase in a certain channel to withdrawal in another different channel.


Welcome to the future.

How does it work?

The Order Management System is software that gives a complete view of each order to the company and buyer follow each step of the operation

Technical features

IT4 360 Solutions

Integrate your B2C / B2B

Maintain integrity between channels such as ecommerce orders, inventory management, product management, photos, prices, customer service and after-sales service. Centralize your ecommerce management.

Be Omnichannel

With the IT4 360 we broke down the boundaries between the sales channels, making the experience unified and profitable. Increase your sales using your physical stores as a mini distribution center and give your team the command in all aspects in question to change products inserted in the order (change order), place of withdraw (change seller) or delivery.

To track carriers

Tracking orders management brings the possibility of facilitating the general monitoring of the company’s logistical operations, from the collection and delivery of orders, increasing the level of trust of its customers and ensuring more security.

Create your marketplace

Enable new business models with the possibility of becoming a marketplace creating business partnerships with unlimited suppliers in an agile way.

Have your WMS integrated

Integrate your warehouse by optimizing the entire logistics operations gaining speed in billing orders with quality information.


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